Seniors: Submit your own Photos

We want your selfies.

Posted Dec 4 We are taking candid submissions - photos from students that capture the best moments of the Class of 2015 all throughout college. Pictures directly from your phone are accepted, but social media pictures are not high enough quality, unfortunately.

Please email them (as attachments or link to Dropbox or Google Drive) to by February 15th, 2015 11:59PM.

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Capture the memories that matter.

Posted Oct 15 The Harvard Yearbook features the Harvard Class of 2015 in its award-winning book. Compilation from all aspects of student life including student activities, major shows and performances, letters from professors, and house life are portrayed serving as a nostalgic keepsake of student life.

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Class of 2019

Pre-Order your Freshman Register.

Posted Jan 27 The Class of 2019 Freshman Register is a hardbound reference book that includes photos of your classmates as well as secondary school and hometown information. The Register is the only tangible historical record that captures your entry into Harvard as freshmen.

Last year, over 90% of the incoming freshman class was published in the Register. Be remembered as a member of the Class of 2019 by taking five minutes to fill out your freshman register information.

Photos and information are due by May 29th, 2015 11:59PM.

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Harvard. Immortalized.

520 Pages

A substantial book, the Yearbook not only highlights the most memorable moments of a year but also tells the story of the class in detail.

2000+ Photos

The Yearbook captures the year in vivid detail. In addition to celebrating the senior class, the book serves as a visual chronicle of a year at Harvard.

Our Harvard experience. All in one place.

Beautiful full-page spreads: An entirely student-designed yearbook captures Harvard as we experienced it.

Prologue section from Yearbook 377 (Class of 2013)

Special Events section from Yearbook 377 (Class of 2013)

A huge printing process.

The Yearbook preserves the memories of the senior class. Years later, it is the primary chronicle of our last year at Harvard College. A lot goes into printing it.

80lb, high-gloss paper.

The Yearbook is no ordinary book. Each starts out as part of an enormous roll of paper. Once these rolls arrive into the plant, they are unwrapped and sent to be cut into the large sheets that become the pages of the Yearbook.

Before the paper can be loaded into the printing press, it first must be cut into large sheets, which are then stacked onto pallets in preparation for printing. Each sheet is still larger than a finished page in the Yearbook as the machine prints multiple pages onto one sheet.

Not your average printer.

The paper then is loaded into the press. Because of the speed at which the press operates, it requires a constant supply of paper. The printing press itself is an enormous two-level complex. Printing sixteen pages simultaneously, the press can reach a maximum speed of 13,000 sheets/hour. Each unit layers a separate color, which a press operator ensures is properly calibrated for each run.

Once the sheets are printed, they are stored and approved before the binding process. Each sheet of sixteen pages, called a signature, is folded and bound to the embossed cover.

A hand-drawn cover illustration.

The cover of the book is processed separately. With six different colors and a foil embossing, the Harvard Yearbook is one of the most difficult yearbooks managed by Jostens each year, as each color must be layered independently while maintaining the exact alignment.

How will our legacy be remembered?

The final product is one that will be remembered for years to come. It’s a chronicle – the first thing people look to when remembering a certain year here. Yet more important, it is a book about us, the students who make Harvard what it is.