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Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from Harvard!

Please fill out the form below in order to include your biographical information in the 2019 Harvard Yearbook. Note that we do not publish biographical information without a senior portrait: you will NOT appear in the yearbook unless you have a photo taken.

If you need to modify your information after you have submitted the form, please submit this form again and your new information will replace what is already in our database.

We cannot be held responsible for information that you type incorrectly. Please write with appropriate capitalization; do not write in all caps or in all lowercase.

The deadline for submitting information is November 10th, 2018 11:59PM.

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John Harvard Bioform
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    Harvard Academic Honors

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    Select the activities in which you were involved in order of importance from the drop-down menus below. If applicable, type in the office or leadership position that you held.

    Only specific officer positions should be listed. (Do not write "Member" or "Staff Writer"!) If you held multiple offices in an organization, please separate each with semicolons. Titles should be capitalized. Do not add the same activity multiple times. Only one will be kept and the rest will be deleted. Do not include the years you held a specific position.

    Due to publication constraints, the word "Harvard" will be included in the name of the student group ONLY if the activity is a media or publication.

    If you encounter any problems, please email us at

    Intercollegiate Sports


      House Activities

      Note: For house activities, attending or participating in an event does not imply membership; only list a house event if you were specifically involved in planning or leading it. Please do not include the name of your House in these activities; your name and bioform will already be listed under your House.


        Harvard Activities

        Due to College policy, we may include only those organizations that are registered with the Office of Student Life.

        For pre-orientation programs listed, such as First-Year Arts Program, select it only if you specifically had a role in planning or leading it.

        All PBHA programs are listed under PBHA.


          Club Sports


            On-Campus Jobs

            Harvard Yearbook now accepts on-campus jobs for inclusion in senior bioforms.

            This includes on-campus employment and research during the school year only. The employment or research needs to be affiliated with Harvard University and on one of the campuses (not strictly the College, but any School - for example, research at the Medical School or Kennedy School would count too, but MGH or BWH would not unless otherwise affiliated with Harvard).

            For research employment, select "Research." In addition, enter only your lab's or department's name. For TF, CA, and CF positions, enter the department(s), but do not enter the name of the course(s) or the word "Department." Separate multiple lab names or departments with semicolons (e.g. "Statistics; Linguistics" or "Smith Lab; Jones Lab; Chemistry"). Otherwise, do not enter your job title.

            If your place of employment does not appear in the following list, please email us at



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              Note: If there is not enough space in the yearbook to list all your activities, Harvard Yearbook will omit the ones at the bottom.

              Please keep in mind that each bioform is carefully reviewed by our staff. Harvard Yearbook Publications reserves the right to edit your submission and will not publish biographical information we feel is false or inappropriate.