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Harvard Yearbook Publications is an entirely student-run nonprofit organization. Our mission is to preserve the memories of each Harvard class by creating an accurate and authentic record of their life at Harvard College. We do this by publishing the Yearbook for the graduating senior class and the Freshman Register for the incoming freshmen each year, and by showcasing our Photo Board's exceptional photography through the sale of photo prints.

Class of 2018

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A portrait is REQUIRED in order to appear in the yearbook. Sign Up for Yearbook Portrait Sessions here:

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You may include a senior bioform in the yearbook, which will list your concentration, honors, and activities next to your name. See examples of senior portraits and bioforms here on our poster.

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Student Organizations: Remember your extracurriculars.

If you missed group photosittings, you may submit a group photo (at least 4000px by 3000px) to layout@harvardyearbook.com.

The photo submissions are due November 11th, 2017 11:59PM. Also, don't forget to fill out your group's information! It's easy and free.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email at inquiries@harvardyearbook.com. We showcase all official groups recognized by the Office of Student Life.

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The Harvard Yearbook features the Harvard Class of 2018 in its award-winning book. Compilation from all aspects of student life including student activities, major shows and performances, letters from professors, and house life are portrayed serving as a nostalgic keepsake of student life.

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You can also order yearbooks from the Class of 2017 and before, and Freshman Registers from the Class of 2021 and before.

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